Reasonably Priced Caregiver Relief in Brantford, Ontario

LIFEGUARD HOMECARE of Brantford, Ontario, provides caregiver relief to give you the chance to recharge and maintain an overall balance. In some cases, funding referrals can offset all or part of the costs.

Dementia Diseases

Many elderly are dealing with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. Our staff is highly qualified to provide respite services for a few hours, one day, the weekend, or longer if necessary. Almost all LIFEGUARD personnel have participated in programs offered through the Alzheimer's Society. Contact us at (877) 741-3132 in Brantford, ON, for further details about our in-hospital or home enhanced care for dementia relief.

Contact us today at (877) 741-3132 to schedule a much-needed break from your caregiver duties.

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